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26 October 2023


COVID-19 in Washington
Surges in hospitalizations


We have COVID-19 tests!
Getting the word out in Douglas County Fire District 5

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A note on test expiration dates
How to manage your testing inventory

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We have COVID-19 tests! 

Getting the word out about free testing services in Douglas County Fire District 5

Chief Tyler Caille of Douglas County Fire District 5 wants to get the word out: We have COVID-19 tests!

In Douglas County Fire District 5 (DCFD5), located in Mansfield, a rural farming community about 3 hours away from Seattle, Chief Caille and his volunteers provide critical Fire and EMS support to the sprawling farming community. Since they began implementing the WA COVID-19 testing program in May 2023, the community support they provide expanded to included COVID-19 test kits. As the public’s focus on the pandemic changes – despite COVID-19 continuing to spread – Chief Caille wants people to know that those COVID-19 tests are still available and still needed. Right now, his biggest challenge is getting the word out: 

“As far as challenges go at this point, it’s really just getting the word out. We’re still working on creative ways to get that message delivered more efficiently, but that’s our main focus right now.”

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A note on test expiration dates

How to mangage your testing inventory

The DOH authorization that allowed expired tests to be used if they pass quality control tests is no longer valid. All tests must be within the printed expiration date or FDA-approved expiration extension date to be used for testing. 

Supply Update: To date, the WA COVID-19 program has provided Fire/EMS agencies with Seimen’s CLINITEST for at-home, OTC COVID-19 testing. Currently, DOH has low-inventory of CLINITEST and may send alternative at-home, OTC tests that they have in stock including Inteliswab or BinaxNOW. These tests are very similar to CLINITEST and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing test distribution programs. 

Here’s what to know about expiration dates for the tests we provide: 

  • BD Veritor Plus Triplex (SARS-CoV2, Flu A+B). This test does not have an FDA extension but all inventory sent by DOH will be current. Check the printed expiration date on the box to determine when these tests are okay to use.

  • OTC/At-Home Tests. These tests do have FDA extensions. The printed expiration date on the box no longer accurately communicates expiration. When talking with community members about test supplies and expiration, it is important to share the extended expiration date. 
    • You can look up expiration extensions by for each type of OTC test we provide by clicking the links below: 

We recommend replenishing stocks as needed to make sure you have enough tests on-hand for one to two months at a time. Consider increasing your inventory of BD Triplex throughout flu season (October to March) to make sure you can keep up with demand. 

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Mass testing for Covid-19 / SARS-CoV-2 infection concept: Several rapid antigen test kits. One kit in the middle showing a positive result

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We provide resources and one-to-one technical assistance to help you educate community members on why testing matters and how they can test themselves for COVID-19. Knowing when to isolate, especially when other vulnerable individuals may be involved, is critical to protecting community health.

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